I am a storyteller and a story-sharer. For me, this means I listen to stories as much as I tell them. As a co-director of Staging Our Histories, and as a freelance writer, this is a large part of what I do. I look for stories that show how our pasts are mingled with our presents – stories that tug at you in ways that you cannot forget.

My training is in public history (Carleton University, 2014) and in kathak dance (with Mridula Rao). I am currently pursuing a PhD in Dance Studies at York University, Toronto, examining the power, hierarchies, and politics of ‘classical’ forms like kathak, and what it might mean to divest such a form of its classicality. My storytelling and scholarship endeavours to spotlight the histories held in moving bodies through my dance repertoire. My work exists in-between many contexts, including performance and public history, and Canada and India. I tell stories that leverage the privilege inherent in my in-betweenness to expand singular, exclusionary narratives.

For more information on my work, you can find my full CV here.