Mehfil is a series of free, intimate performances that bring together kathak, its history, and my own history with the dance. Each Mehfil  is an intimate performance that uses the North Indian dance form kathak and history to ask how the past and identity intersect. In this hour-long conversation, I explore how diasporic experiences can sit between worlds — of past and present, centres and margins, and home and … Continue reading Mehfil

Staging Our Histories

Staging Our Histories (SOH) was founded by Arpita Bajpeyi, Sinead Cox and Marie-Anne Gagnon in 2015 as a not-for-profit public history initiative that seeks to put diverse histories and voices in conversation with each other on the same stage, in front of a live audience. Co-directed by Arpita and Sinead, and supported by Logistics Coordinator Christina Parsons, SOH is a platform that aims to change our … Continue reading Staging Our Histories

Katha Kahe, So Kathak

‘Katha kahe so kathak’ – katha, story, is the root of kathak. Those who dance kathak are storytellers. This phrase is invoked to explain the kathak’s history, extending its chronology to before the medieval period, when the form was actually introduced by Persian forces expanding into North India. This ‘history,’ which begins kathak’s history in a pre-Islamic ‘ancient/classical’ time, gives the Persian root of kathak … Continue reading Katha Kahe, So Kathak