Mehfil is a series of free, intimate performances that bring together kathak, its history, and my own history with the dance. Each Mehfil  is an intimate performance that uses the North Indian dance form kathak and history to ask how the past and identity intersect. In this hour-long conversation, I explore how diasporic experiences can sit between worlds — of past and present, centres and margins, and home and away, in ever-changing ways. 

Mehfil can be performed for small groups in spaces with wooden or tiled floors that are at least 20×20. The piece is a work-in-progress that will feed in to my larger project with Anuja Ghosalkar and Mridula Rao, Katha Kahe, So Kathak. 

If you are interested in hosting a performance of Mehfil, please email me using the form on the contact page.

Featured Image Credit: Photo Credit: Robert S. Vibert, 2015

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