“Entanglements of Brass and Thread and Skin” – Canthius Journal

This non-fiction essay was published in Canthius Issue 6. Canthius is a feminist literary magazine printed in Ottawa and Toronto, Canada. You can pick up the latest issue of Canthius online, or subscribe to the journal, here. If you are in Ottawa, you can find Canthius at Possible Worlds, The Art House Cafe, Birling Skateboard Shop, and Kindred Shop + Studio. Canthius is available in Toronto … Continue reading “Entanglements of Brass and Thread and Skin” – Canthius Journal


Mehfil is a series of free, intimate performances that bring together kathak, its history, and my own history with the dance. Each Mehfil  is an intimate performance that uses the North Indian dance form kathak and history to ask how the past and identity intersect. In this hour-long conversation, I explore how diasporic experiences can sit between worlds — of past and present, centres and margins, and home and … Continue reading Mehfil