The Rani of Sirmur

The Rani of Sirmur is a work-in-progress kathak piece that is a response to the colonial archive. Inspired by Gayatri Spivak’s essay of the same name, the piece explores absences in the archive through affect and narrative. The Rani of Sirmur has been performed at as part of the keynote performance at the New Directions in Active History Conference at Huron College, University of Western Ontario, London … Continue reading The Rani of Sirmur

Staging Our Histories

Staging Our Histories (SOH) was founded by Arpita Bajpeyi, Sinead Cox and Marie-Anne Gagnon in 2015 as a not-for-profit public history initiative that seeks to put diverse histories and voices in conversation with each other on the same stage, in front of a live audience. Co-directed by Arpita and Sinead, and supported by Logistics Coordinator Christina Parsons, SOH is a platform that aims to change our … Continue reading Staging Our Histories